Custom BAMS™ Assay Development

At Adeptrix we understand that each project is unique and that there will be a need to configure additional protein targets to best fit your project goals and objectives. With this in mind, we offer custom BAMS assay development services to accommodate your specific project requirements. Partner with Adeptrix as an extension to your research team, and we would help enable your translational research efforts.

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Adeptrix will provide the proteomic application solution that allows you to probe specific proteins of interest, monitor key biological pathways and signaling networks or help you identify a panel of diagnostic or prognostic biomarkers for your research program. For additional information about our custom BAMS assay development service and pricing for your particular program, please contact us.

How can Adeptrix assist you with your research?

  • Use existing BAMS assays to perform targeted proteomics for key proteins of interest

  • Customize BAMS assays for new protein targets that are ideally suited for your project

  • Configure BAMS assays to simultaneously monitor total protein abundance and the status of critical post-translational modifications (PTMs)

  • Assemble a panel of proteins that target a specific biological pathway of interest

  • Create a targeted proteomic assay to survey several key signaling/biological pathways

  • Construct a series of BAMS assays to monitor multiple sites within a single protein

  • Design targeted assays to monitor phosphorylation (and/or other PTMs) stoichiometry of key protein biomarkers

Custom BAMS Assay Development Timeline

by Number of Protein Targets

Phase I: Assay Configuration & Validation Testing






i. Pre-project consultation

3–5 days

ii. Prioritized protein targets

1–3 days

iii. Assay configuration, procure affinity reagents

7–10 days

iii. Assay configuration, formulate affinity beads

5–8 days

iv. Assay validation, test affinity beads

7 days

10 days

14 days

21 days

v. Control sample(s) screening

3 days

3 days

4 days

6 days

vi. Post-project consultation

1-3 days

Total Timeline

27-37 days

30-42 days

35-47 days

44-56 days

by Number of Test Samples

Phase II: Test Sample Screening






i. Test samples, processing & preparation

3 days

5 days

7 days

12 days

ii. BAMS assay screening

3 days

6 days

9 days

12 days

iii. BAMS assay results data package

3–7 days

iv. Post-project consultation

1–3 days

Total Timeline

10-20 days

15-21 days

20-30 days

16-34 days