Proteomic Assays For Translational Research

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BAMS™ Assays

BAMS™ assays have been configured to monitor key proteins in various areas of Biology and cellular signaling.

Why consider BAMS™ Assays for your targeted proteomics screening needs?

  • Simple sample preparation methods
  • Does not require a lot of biological material
  • Chromatography-free targeted proteomics using magnetic bead affinity enrichment
  • High throughput capacity to measure thousands of samples per day

Why consider BAMS™ Assays for your targeted proteomics screening needs?

  • Multiplexed assay format to accommodate  1 – 100s of target proteins of interest
  • Efficiently monitor specific cellular signaling pathways
  • Compatible with most standard MALDI TOF instruments
  • Amenable for customization

Typical Applications For BAMS™ Assays:

  • Determine mechanism of action (drug discovery, disease biology, tissue engineering, stem cell development)
  • Perform multiplexed targeted protein profiling for biomarker discovery
  • Monitor proteins & post-translational modifications modulated within key signaling pathways
  • Measure stoichiometry of post-translational modifications to critical protein biomarkers

Typical Applications For BAMS™ Assays:

  • Characterize cell line constructs (knock-in, knock-out, protein over-expression, point mutants)
  • Verify quality of Bio-Bank specimens with key proteomic biomarkers (tissue biopsies, primary cells, reference cell lines)
  • Conduct efficient targeted proteomics for liquid biopsies (serum, plasma, urine, CSF, saliva)
  • Stratify biological specimens for clinical studies using protein biomarker panels or activated pathways
  • Identify panel of prognostic/diagnostic protein biomarkers for routine screening

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